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MLP have various different types of Plant that we are able to use on our projects to make sure they are completed within the specified times causing no disruption to the customer. 

Low loader with road rail excavator

Laser Dozer

Stone & Coal Cleaner 

  • Four Large Road Rail excavators from 20 to 30 tonnes all fitted with current safety devices for lifting
  • One Road Rail Laser Dozer
  • Two twenty tonne rail trailers
  • One Road Rail mini digger
  • One Road Rail 6 tonne dumper
  • One Road Rail John Deere Gator with weed spraying attachment
  • One unimog Rail Tamper
  • Three tamping heads that attach to the Road Rail excavators for packing
  • Two telehandlers
  • One 6 tonne dumper
  • 26 tonne beaver tail lorry with Hiab
  • Low Loader lorry and 60 ft extender trailer
  • Exacavac attachment for sucking coal out of the tracks or for ballast cleaning
  • Various attachments such as rail grabs and sleeper grabs
  • Tractor and triple compactor plate for compaction of the formation after the Laser Dozer has levelled the formation


Please feel free to browse more photographs of Plant types that MLP Railway Maintenance Ltd use here